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Countdown To Presale!

Utilities and Promotions

Maven Utilities

  • Maven Token Burn: Using the profits generated by the promotional services (website, competitions etc) we will hold a quarterly buy and burn event. The team will buy 1% of Maven that is not held/available to buy and instantly send them to the burn address. This is done to increase the liquidity of the project, instead of just sending tokens to the burn wallet they will be bought, meaning the liquidity pool will benefit. As these tokens will never be sold the liquidity can only be withdrawn by other holders selling their tokens. This method will hopefully encourage people to hold and allow the liquidity pool to increase meaning token value will also increase. The funding for these buys will be collected from the buy/sell taxes as well as from the utilities listed below.


  • Community growth utility: Community and holder growth rewards will be held at key milestones in the community growth, for example at 10,000 twitter followers, 10,000 telegram followers etc, we will be using a reward system in lottery form. Winners will receive money, NFT’s or tokens as rewards. These will not be competition based, these will just be selected at random by the team as a thank you to our followers and community members. All you have to do to qualify is follow us on one of our social media platforms, the more you follow us the higher your chance of winning.


  • Token burn competition: Using community members from twitter and telegram that wish to promote other projects, third party tokens can enter our competition by paying an entry fee. People from all communities can then vote on their favourite token. When the voting is closed down the results will be announced. After the announcement we will buy the tokens of the winning project and send those tokens to the burn wallet. (60% of funds raised will be used to buy the winning tokens, 30% will be added to the Dev & promo wallet, 10% Utility wallet)
  • Charity competition: We will hold theme based charity competitions on our website and social media platforms. The community can nominate charities and then vote on the winners. This means every competition will have its own theme for example, healthcare, environmental, children, food etc. we will then vote for three charities to win a donation. Each charity will get a donation based on their placement. The donation amount will be 60% for 1st place, 30% for 2nd place and 10% for 3rd place


  • Maven NFT airdrop lottery: we will be holding milestone lotteries to send Maven themed NFTs to holders, we will run shilling competitions where we will send maven themed NFTS. We will have holder themed NFTS for people that hold their wallets without selling (Silver, Gold and of course Diamond). We have NFTs for sale where proceeds from these sales will be used to increase liquidity and also further promotions.


  • Website utility: Token information catalogue. Our website will have dedicated promotional space for projects that we would like to promote, for projects to use us to advertise/promote or projects nominated by community members. The fees for this will be used to boost the liquidity pool as well as for promotions. There will also be an area few newbies to read helpful guides on navigating the world of crypto, understanding charts and patterns as well as an area where community members can find all relevant information and links of their favourite tokens and pricing information/charts.


Our current promotions are as follows:

  • The biggest single buy during Pre-sale will win a limited edition Maven NFT
  • The biggest total (accumulative) buy during presale will win a Maven Limited edition NFT
  • When we hit 1000 followers on twitter we will award one of our TG community a Maven NFT
  • When we hit 1000 members in our TG channel we will award one of our followers a Maven NFT
  • Once pre sale is complete all wallets that have purchased any amount of Maven through pinksale will be entered into a random draw to win $50 cashback. multiple purchases will mean multiple entries.
  • During Pre-sale there will be a 5% affiliate referal scheme in place
  • Pre Sale is priced at 25% cheaper than launch price


The Maven Team are please to announce the first of the Maven Charity events. Please visit -
or click the poster below.


Token name: Maven

Token ticker: MVN

Token total supply: 1,000,000,000

Blockchain: Ethereum

Pair: ETH

Liquidity on DEX: Uniswap

Launchpad: Pinksale

Contract address: 0xCB245dF5BE6C263ce770951dC5650d278E6051da

Buy limited: 0.5% of total supply

Sell limited: 0.5% of total supply

Holder limit: 1% of total supply

Buy fee: 1% team, 3% development and promotions

Sell fee under 0.25% of total supply 2% team, 5% development and promotions (fees will automatically be swapped to the pair coin)

Sell fee over 0.25% total supply 4% team, 6% development and promotions (fees will automatically be swapped to the pair coin)

Anti snipe built into contract

200 second sell cool down to stop bots auto selling


Maven is proud to support Charities where possible. One charity that has been a part of the Maven community since its inception is 4MyCity.

If you can please visit their site by clicking below, they do some great work, they have members of their team active in our Telegram channel so you can catch them there from time to time too.