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Welcome to Maven
Maven means a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others, it is Yiddish in origin and translated stands for “one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge”. Maven token, a cryptocurrency created to bring communities together and help change the fortunes of our projects followers, will launch on the Ethereum blockchain very soon. Our mission is to bring integrity and fulfilment to all holders of our community-based project. Together we will share knowledge and offer opportunities of investment in projects that people can trust Maven looks after the interest of the community by distributing funds, contributing resources and supporting other organisations to encourage investment and development.

“One who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge.”

With Maven we are attempting to bring crypto communities together. Our token itself has very simple utilities that are meant to benefit long term holders and deter short term pump and dumps. We would like to do this by inviting our followers to participate in open discussions, talk about what good ideas they see, share information with each other and maybe even offer advice, Instead of being opposed to discussing other projects we welcome it. Our project wants to use the power of social media and our website to bring communities together.

We actively encourage other projects to join our social media platforms and discuss their projects, whilst this form of acceptance is uncommon in the crypto world we are looking to break the norms. with moderated forums we will not allow aggressive shilling or spam promos but constructive discussion only.

We want to act as a beacon for new investors that can come to us and our community to seek guidance and to learn of good new projects to follow. There is no judgement from us or the community just “an accumulation of knowledge”.

We would like to help promote projects through our website and social media platforms to both help you grow and to help establish us as a trusted source of information with no Bias. If any projects out there would like any further info on how to partner with us please get in contact.

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